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About Our Firm

At Shaughnessy Raiche, PLLC, we help individuals and families in Bedford and throughout Hillsborough County who are at an intersection in their lives, which requires a steady and complete knowledge of not just legal concerns within family law, but also real estate matters or personal injury.

We created this firm to focus on complex divorce, parenting, child support, custody and visitation, guardianship, adoption, child protection matters and real estate law, including landlord-tenant disputes. Severe accident injuries affect the stability of families, so our firm provides personal injury and workers’ compensation advocacy. Our attorneys each brings more than 30 years of legal experience to the fabric of our firm’s foundation.

We have an extensive background on landlord-tenant issues, personal injury and workers’ compensation. Brian C. Shaughnessy is president of the New Hampshire pro bono board and recently received local recognition for his pro bono work statewide. He has also argued at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Brian is president of The Way Home, a Manchester-based nonprofit that assists homeless families find safe, affordable homes, vice president of Bedford Friends of Recreation and is the town moderator for Bedford. Brian is also a frequent lecturer on landlord-tenant law and the Fair Housing Act. He has also argued at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Glenn Raiche focuses primarily on providing our clients with real estate and landlord-tenant advocacy.

Kimberly Shaughnessy brings her legal acumen to our family law practice. She is the vice chair of the family law section of the New Hampshire Bar Association.

To read more about our attorneys’ professional backgrounds, please follow the links below.

Brian C. Shaughnessy

Glenn Raiche

Kimberly Shaughnessy

Providing Legal Representation For People From All Walks Of Life

Finding a lawyer who will take the time to learn your story and involve you in creating a strategy for optimal solutions can be an intimidating process. At Shaughnessy Raiche, PLLC, we open our practice to those struggling to get their legal problems addressed. We promptly return calls, we ask a lot of questions and we want you to ask a lot of questions, too. While each type of case we take may have similar threads of law, processes and remedies, each client’s needs will be completely unique.

Tailoring Legal Services, Representation And Advocacy Shaped To Fit Your Needs

Our high level of experience in mediating, negotiating and litigating legal issues in family, real estate and personal injury law does not mean we rest on our laurels. Statutes get updated, new laws are made and emerging case law opens new pathways for resolutions available for the clients we serve. Call Shaughnessy Raiche, PLLC, at 603-932-6196 or email us to schedule an appointment to confidentially discuss the crossroads you are standing at. We can help choose the path with optimal results.